The evil Skeletor has stolen Eternia's Crown Jewels and it is He-Man's duty to retrieve them from the depths of Snake Mountain.

The game is a top-down dungeon-crawler with turn-based combat. It is loosely based on the (near unplayable )    FASA "Masters of the Universe"-Tabletop Role Playing  Game.

This is an early playable, not yet beatable demo build of the game. Stay tuned for further updates.


Gameboy / GamepadKeyboardAction
Control PadCursor Keys / WASDMove
AALT / Z / JInteract / Confirm
BCRTL / K / XCancel
STARTENTERStart Game / Open Menu

Made  with GB Studio 2.0 (Beta)
Written and programmed by Andreas V.
Uses assets by Andreas V., GB Studio Community Assets (krümel (crumb)#0723), EiB, Gamekrazzy, niamov, Oceans Dream, Steven Colling, Jerom, Ty LettauRaou, Kronbits, REFMAP, LoZ:ALttP @Spiters Resource

Install instructions

Play the demo directly on this page. Download the ROM file  if you want to play on an emulator of your choice (Windows,  Linux,  Mac, Android, Handheld Emulation Devices) or on an actual GB/GBC/GBA using a flash cart.


Download 102 kB
Download 91 kB

Development log


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That was great! Been loving some of the RPG type systems people have been coming up with lately. Keep up the great work.

Thanks. Implementing the battle system has to be my favorite part of making this so far (altthough it's kind of annoying you have to duplicate the scene fory every different encounter, which isn't ideal for bugfixing). Eager to continue working on it, will probably have to wait for my winter break to actually do ist.